So You want to Do a Pull-Up?

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Remember the flexed arm hang in fitness center class?  Some women could hang there for seconds, even minutes, but most of us would jump up, grit our teeth, and drop quicker than Taylor Swift’s new single.

Upper body stamina is a weakness for so lots of women.  Perhaps it is because we are just developed that way, but I also believe that we do not get the opportunity to practice skills like pull-ups in our childhood and youth as much as guy and boys do.  Whatever causes our inability to open pickle jars on our own, it can be overcome.  In fact, the stamina goal that I hear most women set for themselves is to get their first pull-up.  Can it be done as an adult?  This far eliminated from fitness center class?  You bet.   And you don’t even have to be SuperWoman to do it!  I got my first pull-up at the ripe, old age of 27 after months of practice and development.  It was not pretty; there was a lot of kicking, wiggling, and whining, but somehow my chin got up over that bar.  It is still one of the most exciting accomplishments I have had in the gym, and now I can bang out 10 in a set.  No matter how lots of other goals I reach in the gym, this is still my favorite; maybe because of the work I put in, but probably because I never believed I would be able to do it.  and now I can.

So what is the trick to getting a pull-up?

Pull-up Progressions.

Progressing from easier to a lot more demanding exercises build the muscles in the back, lats, and arms to prepare you for that first pull-up.  The first exercise I recommend is the supine body row.  once you can do that, then step onto negatives, jumping up and resisting the descent as much as possible.  Next, step onto the iso hang, holding it for as long as you can before you come down.  Then, add some pull-ups with a slight push off the ground; we phone call these jumping pull-ups, but you should jump as bit as possible.  once you are barely pushing off, begin trying for a true pull-up.  The first few won’t be pretty or easy, but push with and fight for it, and someday your chin will reach over that bar.

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Here is a demo video with a few of the progressions to help you get there!

Pull Ups from Mandy Skinner on Vimeo.

(If you have any concerns about the movements, please don’t be terrified to ask!)

What about hand placement? ভিতরে অথবা বাইরে? narrow or wide? My recommendations is to begin with something that is comfortable for you. then practice with the hands dealing with in and dealing with out, which will help build your arms on one side and your back on the other. utilize both a narrow grip and wide grip for this exact same reason. variation is good for hitting all of the muscles needed to getting that coveted pull-up!

Along with the pull-up progressions, there are a number of other things you can do to work towards reaching your goal.  To improve pulling power, add deadlifts, lat pull-downs, and T bar rows into your routine.  This will help build those muscles and increase general pulling strength, which are both helpful for learning to do pull-ups.  Plus, deadlifts are SO. MUCH. FUN.

Another method to get closer to getting your chin over the bar is to burn fat.  The less you weigh, the easier it will be to pull your body upward against gravity.  It’s simple science, right?  follow a healthy, balanced eating plan and incorporate some HIIT cardio into your regimen and you will burn fat without losing any of the muscle that you have worked so hard for.

It may seem like a lot, but implementing these exercises, lifts, and strategies into your routine incrementally will get you to your goal of being able to do a pull-up.  begin simple, then add a lot more in as you get stronger and a lot more fit.  With some patience, consistence, and resilience, your chin will reach over that bar one day.  and when it does?  I promise, you will be proud.

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Pull-ups are only one goal that my clients are aiming for.  What other goals are you working toward in the gym?

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Mandy Skinner is the author of the Soccer mommy with Muscles blog.  She is also the fitness Editor for Healthy moms Magazine, in addition to a contributor to Big City Moms. She is the pleased mommy of two, Sean and Sarah, in addition to a Personal fitness instructor and Nutrition Coach devoted to living hethy এবং খুশি। তার অ্যাথলেটিক প্রচেষ্টা ছাড়াও, ম্যান্ডি স্বাস্থ্যকর এবং সক্রিয় জীবনযাপনের এক ধ্রুবক উকিল।

ইনস্টাগ্রামে ম্যান্ডি অনুসরণ করুন @ম্যান্ডিজস্কিনস বা টুইটার @ম্যান্ডিসকিনস।

এই পোস্টে লিঙ্ক করুন: যাতে আপনি একটি পুল-আপ করতে চান ?


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